Ken Kesey

Ken Kesey

Ken Kesey has written at least 21 books. Their most popular book is One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with 581 saves with an average rating of 4.08⭐.

They are best known for writing in the genres Classics, Fiction, and Fantasy.

emotional, dark, and challenging are their most common moods.

Author Bio

KEN KESEY was born in La Junta, Colorado, but his family later moved to Springfield, Oregon, where he attended public schools, and later the University of Oregon at Eugene. He has received the Woodrow Wilson scholarship to Stanford University and a Saxton Fellowship, and won the Fred Lowe Scholarship awarded to the outstanding wrestler in the Northwest. Mr. Kesey was king of the Merry Pranksters, a group which traveled the West Coast staging happenings; as a leader of this group, Mr. Kesey appeared as subject and star in the bestseller, THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST, by Tom Wolfe.
At present he is "scratching his athlete's foot on his farm in Oregon, watching his kids and blueberries grow."

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